Slot Receivers in the NFL


When it comes to NFL offenses, slot is a position that has grown in importance over the past decade or so. These receivers tend to be shorter and quicker than traditional wide receivers, yet they’re able to provide the quarterback with an array of routes that can be difficult for defenses to defend.

Slot receivers are also an important cog in the blocking wheel for running plays, and they need to be able to block defenders from all over the field. Slot receivers will often need to perform chip blocks on defensive backs, while they may need to step in front of safeties and outside linebackers on certain running plays.

In slot, the quarterback will either quickly hand the ball to the Slot receiver or pitch it to him in a pre-snap motion that will put the receiver in a good position to get open down the field. Depending on the type of running play, the Slot receiver will then have a full head of steam behind him when he runs his route, which should help him avoid getting hit by the defenders coming from the outside.

The slot receiver also needs to have excellent timing with the quarterback. The player in this role should be able to read the coverage well enough to anticipate where each defender is going to be. This requires a high level of football intelligence and chemistry with the quarterback, which is something that takes time to develop.

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